Other Services

Henderson Federal Savings Bank is pleased to offer the following services to our customers. Some fees may apply.


For your convenience, our ATM is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing access to your accounts. Withdrawing cash, transferring funds between accounts, making balance inquires, and changing your PIN number are some of the services available.
Our ATM at 130 North Marshall Street is located at our drive thru facility.
(Transaction fees are charged to non-Henderson Federal Savings Bank customers.)


Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes provide a safe, convenient and economical way to protect your valuables. Boxes are available at our office and come in a variety of sizes to suit both individual and business needs. Contents stored in safety deposit boxes are not Federally Insured.


Wire Transfers

Wire transfer is the fastest method of moving guaranteed funds. It is a safe, effective tool for personal use in case of emergency or for business customers who routinely make transfers between banks.


Direct Deposit

Direct deposit provides customers with a safe, convenient way to electronically receive recurring deposits such as payroll and government payments, expediting the availability of funds. Many companies provide direct deposit of payroll for their employees. Any government payment (social security, civil service, railroad/military retirement, etc) may be direct deposited.

Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders

Cashier checks and money orders are available for times when payment by personal check is unacceptable. Both forms of payment are available for purchase at our office.


Notary Service

Notary service is available at our office as a complimentary service for our customers.


Night Deposit

Night Deposit service is provided at Henderson Federal’s office for individuals and businesses that need a secure depository after normal banking hours. Our office is equipped with a secure night deposit vault able to accommodate envelopes and small zipper bags. Night deposit services may be used by any Henderson Federal customer.

U.S. Savings Bonds

The redemption of United States Savings Bonds can be performed by any of our friendly customer representative

Telephone Banking

With our 24-Hour Telephone Voice Response System, you can access and retrieve your account and other information 24-hours a day, 7 days a week from any touchtone telephone.

You can check balances and transfer funds on checking and savings accounts. You can also verify certificate of deposit and loan information, checks that have cleared, and report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit card.

It's easy! Just call 1-888-500-6017 and follow the instructions.

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Receive all your deposit account statements electronically. No more paper clutter or waiting on the mail. Convenient, Secure, and Environmentally friendly.

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Mobile Banking

Access your accounts on the go by downloading our app on your Apple or Android device.


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