Switch Kit

It would be our privilege to be your bank.
We make switching banks easy.

Henderson Federal has made moving your accounts fast and convenient with our Switch-Kit. This will help guide you through the process and give you the tools to make the switch effortless! We always welcome the opportunity to serve new customers, but Henderson Federal Savings Bankís policy is to only open new accounts with customers who reside in our local market area.

  • Make sure all checks have cleared the account being closed and make sure enough funds are left available to cover automatic payments which might not have been withdrawn yet.
  • Double check maturity dates if transferring Certificate of Deposit to avoid possible penalties.
  • Notify direct deposit vendors (Payroll, social security, CD interest payments, etc.) of the new account relationship. Click on our Payroll/Direct Deposit Form, complete and send to the appropriate vendor. Donít forget to attach a new deposit slip or voided check with this form.
  • Notify your automatic payment vendors of your new account relationship by entering the new information and sending them this letter. Automatic Payment Transfer Letter.
  • Send an Account Closing Letter to your previous bank notifying them to close the account and remit the remaining balance.

The forms provided may be printed, completed and delivered to our office. If you have any questions concerning this process, please call us at 903-657-2577 for more information.

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